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Discover our selection of sweet delicatessen products that you can enjoy every day.

How will you succumb for your breakfast? Covifruit offers you artisanal brioches, chocolate rusks, hazelnuts, seeds, spreads, honey, jams… Are you looking for a sweetness to accompany your coffee or something to taste? For you, a wide choice of chocolate bars of different flavors is available in our shop. 

You will also find fun chocolate derivatives such as the famous Mercier chocolate camembert or even chocolate sardines, chocolate sausages… You have the choice! In terms of confectionery, Calissons de Provence, Nougat de Montélimar, Caramel au Beurre Salé from Biscuiterie de Chambord and even the famous Mazet pralines in Montargis. 

For young and old alike, we present you small candies to suck of different tastes, strips of marshmallows in crazy colors and even surprise pouches that will make you fall back in childhood! Of course, we will also put the big brands of our beautiful Center Val de Loire region in the spotlight and present you the best regional products from our local manufacturers: Les Sablés de Nançay, Biscuiterie de Chambord, Biscuiterie de Sologne and so many still others. They offer you artisanal chocolate cookies, Sologne honey, tatin, pears and finally anything that can make you happy!

Our delicatessen manager chooses new products such as Panettone, Christmas chocolates, Easter chocolates or even gifts, depending on the end of year celebrations, Easter, Father's Day and Mother's Day. original to offer to your parents, which will delight your taste buds in due time!

We therefore offer a wide range of products, and, depending on the holidays, ephemeral products. We are committed to selecting regional French producers and artisans who offer you friendly, original and authentic local products. 

Good tasting and nice discovery!

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