L'Orléanais 200g

Camembert shaped chocolate. Manufactured by BISCUITERIE MERCIER in BAUGY (Cher-18).
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Origine : France - Cher - (18) - BAUGY Volume : 0.20 KG
Cher - (18)
L'Orléanais 200g. Camembert-shaped chocolate, this one is composed of a melting praline heart with crispy crêpes. Really excellent, a favorite of the team!
Ingredients: Wheat flour, butter, sour, eggs s, diced dehydrated apples 5.5%, caramel chips 5.5%, (sugar, glucose syrup, sour cream, < strong> milk , salt, dextrose, flavor). Nutritional Values ​​for 100 grams: Energy 2322 KJ / 555 KCAL; Fat 35 gr, of which Saturated Fatty Acids 21gr; Carbohydrates 53gr, of which Sugars 22gr; Proteins 7,7gr; Salt 0,05gr.

The Mercier biscuit factory is located in Baugy in the 18th district. They offer biscuits made from Sologne honey, chocolates, jams and confits

Today Daniel Mercier has made chocolate an art… He invents and reinvents, disturbs the senses of the most discerning with subtle mixtures, flavors to lose their minds, selected ingredients, he knows how to perfectly combine ancient flavors and notes contemporary. 


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