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Cream and Liqueur

Our production being based on the Williams pear, it was inevitable for us to offer you a Williams pear cream. Between Creams and Liquors, the nuance is thin. 

Indeed the only difference between the two will be their sugar content, a liqueur must have a minimum sugar content of 100gr per liter against 250gr for a cream. Our country full of gastronomic pleasures, we have also selected for you blackcurrant creams, cherries, strawberries, etc ...

Sweet and Fruity, our selection of fruit creams and liqueurs will awaken your taste buds. Traditionally consumed in kir, creams and liqueurs also find their place in aperitifs or digestives on crushed ice or in your kitchen to enhance sauces, syrups or any other taste pleasure. Want to know more about our products? 

Discover the secrets of the delicious Crème de Poire .

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