Praslines in tin 250g

Praslines in 250g metal box. Manufactured by MAZET in MONTARGIS CEDEX (Loiret-45).
TTC Price €25.90 Soit 103.60 €/KG

Origine : France - Loiret - (45) - MONTARGIS CEDEX Volume : 0.25 KG
Producteur : MAZET
Loiret - (45)
Praslines in Metal Box 250g. French candy, toasted and caramelized almonds, a specialty of the town of Montargis.
Ingredients: Sugar, almonds, acacia gum, natural powdered vanilla. Made in a workshop using other nuts . Nutritional Values ​​for 100 grams: Energy 2017 KJ / 482 KCAL; Fat 19 gr, of which Saturated Fatty Acids 1,5gr; Carbohydrates 8gr, of which Sugars 66gr; Proteins 8,7gr; Salt 0.01gr.

Mazet has been a French confectioner and chocolatier since 1903 based on Montargis. Their specialties are pralines. Their chocolates come from exclusive recipes, made around the emblematic ingredients of their house: dried fruits, nougatines, truffles, candied oranges, cherries and pistachios. The pralines sell for 3 to 59 euros depending on the grammage.


  • The Prasline of Montargis
  • Chocolates
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