Evade single malt

Single Malt, double distillation in Alambic Charentais. Manufactured by WHISKEY DU MONDE in MERIGNAC (Gironde-33).
TTC Price €43.20 Soit 61.71 €/L

Origine : France - Gironde - (33) - MERIGNAC Volume : 0.70 L
Degré : 0,4 vol.
En dégustation :
  • Au nez, Gourmet - Dried fruits, dark chocolate, heather honey, baked apple
  • En bouche, Rich - Tarte flambée, caramel syrup, maple syrup, nutmeg
Gironde - (33)
Evade single malt. Degree: 40%. Single Malt, double distillation in Alambic Charentais. Blend of 3 and 5 year old whiskeys aged in 6 different types of barrels (new French oak and 36 months rancid, new American oak, barrels of Bourbon, Cognac and red Burgundy wines). French whiskey neither colored, nor cold filtered and without additives.
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