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Nos Alcools de Fruits

Making aperitifs and spirits is at the heart of COVIFRUIT's historical business. 

We will obviously highlight our own products, but you will also discover the aperitifs and spirits of friends. Several times awarded, our spirit is renowned for being the most fragrant thanks to a manufacturing process that continues the tradition.

Between Loire and Sologne, Orléanais offers us an exceptional terroir. Each year, more than 150 tonnes of hand-picked pears of optimal maturity are crushed, fermented and then distilled for a production of around 10,000 liters of alcohol that we will market at 50 °. It is to this degree that our brandy finds the best balance between its typical aromas of Williams pear and the power of alcohol to allow you to fully appreciate the ancestral work of our production.

And as in Olivet we do nothing like the others, you can discover one of our treasures: the Prisoner Fruit. Each year, hundreds of bottles are hung in the trees to become the setting for a pear which will be eternal there from the moment it will always be bathed in the Spirit.

Other products complement our production. It was important for us to offer you some sweets, so we have created for you a fabulous Williams Pear Cream, a blend of brandy, sugar and Williams pear juice.

The sweetness of the fruit will bring you unprecedented gustatory pleasure as well as a cherry aperitif developed in partnership with the Confrérie des Mangeux de Cerises des Bord du Loiret and a grape-based aperitif, emblematic fruit of our former cooperative.

Discover the secrets of our specialties: Le Coeur d'Arlicot and l'Olivetain . Spirits, Fruit Creams and many other alcohols will certainly find their place to complete your bar or to please your loved ones.

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