Steakhouse spices

Steakhouse spices. Manufactured by KEREX in NOTRE DAME D'OE (Indre-et-Loire-37).
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Origine : France - Indre-et-Loire - (37) - NOTRE DAME D'OE Volume : 0.05 KG
Producteur : KEREX
Indre-et-Loire - (37)
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Steakhouse spices. Steakhouse spices. Manufactured by KEREX in NOTRE DAME D'OE (Indre-et-Loire-37).
Ingredients: Dried summer truffles (tuber aestivum, vittad) 70%, Cyprus black salt 27.6%, activated carbon E153, truffle flavor 2.4%. Nutritional Values ​​for 100 grams: Energy 457 KJ / 109.27 KCAL; Fat 3.89 gr, of which Saturated Fat 0.36gr; Carbohydrates 1.96gr, of which Sugars 1.96gr; Proteins 16.8gr; Salt 27.5gr.

The creator of Kerex, Erwann de Kerros, discovered during four years the pipiculture, the care to be given to each grain, the importance of the gesture but above all the excellence of what will become his Piper of heart.


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