Bayadères Chips with White Truffle 100g

White truffle crisps. Distributed by ALIMENTATION FINE DE FRANCE in BERGERAC (Dordogne-24).
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Origine : France - Dordogne - (24) - BERGERAC Volume : 0.10 KG
Dordogne - (24)
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Bayadères Chips with White Truffle 100g. White Truffle Crisps are an elegant aperitif that will change your habits.
Ingredients: Potatoes, sunflower oil, white truffle flavor, (whey powder, salt, lactose, yeast extract, maltodextrin (corn and potato), dehydrated summer truffle. Dehydrated white truffle. Little contain traces of soy and mustard . Nutritional values ​​for 100 grams: Energy 2230 KJ / 533 KCAL; Fat 32.6 gr, of which Saturated fatty acids 3.95gr; Carbohydrates 50 , 7gr, of which Sugars 0.8gr; Proteins 7gr; Salt 2.41gr.

Alimentation Fine de France was created in 1982, to distribute fine canned vegetables and local products to a clientele of traditional local shops.


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